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Petro Approved: Built Bars

One surefire way to reduce calorie intake and add more protein to your diet is to substitute unhealthy snacks like potato chips and candy bars for healthy snacks such as popcorn and protein bars.

Along my journey to find ways to make eating more protein more enjoyable, I have tried no lie at least 60 different kinds of protein bars. My big gripe with the taste of protein bars is that many of them leave a distinguishable protein taste that sits on your tastebuds for awhile after you are done eating them.

However when I first cracked open and ripped into a sample Cherry Barcia Built Bar given to me by my friends at Rival Fitness, I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing I could taste was actual chocolate with a hint of cherry.

Then when I flipped the wrapper over and looked at their nutritional facts I was as impressed with the nutritional content of these much as their amazing taste.

Built Bar's contain up to 180 Calories with 19g of Protein, 21g of Carbohydrates (7g Fiber), and 3g of Fat being the common macro breakdown give or take a gram of fat.

After my first foray of tasting I instantly wanted to learn more about the company behind them and get my hands on some more. So after trying a few of their other flavors and coming to the consensus that these are my new favorite quick grab protein bars I reached out to them.

I have started to reach out to companies that I personally use frequently and recommend to my clients. I am proud to announce that I have teamed up with Built Brands and am happy to be able to offer a great product at a great price to my readers.

If you are looking for a No Frills, Guilt Free, High Quality, High Protein snack for pre workout, post workout, or anytime then give Built Bars a try for sure!

Click Here or enter my promo code “Petro” at checkout on to receive 10% off your order of these delicious, nutritious Protein Bars.

Till next time. Live Strong my Friends!

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