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St. Patrick's ("Insert Any Drinking Day") Healthy Drinking Guide

If you have set the intention to lose some unwanted bodyfat, build muscle, or maybe a little of both then drinking holiday's such as St. Patricks Day can be difficult to navigate.

Depending on where you are on your fitness journey, you can absolutely drink alcohol and still maintain a healthy lifestyle or achieve the body you desire.

What happens when we drink is our bodies make clearing the alcohol we put into our system the top priority. Alcohol contains a toxin called acetate, and your body tries its best to flush it out as soon as it can.

During this time most metabolic processes are put on the back burner which is why you are constantly dehydrated leading you to want to drink more & more leading to an unfortunate cycle. Obviously this isn't helpful that's on a mindful transformation journey!

If you are serious about your goal then it is so important to fully plan out your nutrition for today and properly fuel your body so you can still have fun with friends & family and not wake up thinking you have ground to make up tomorrow.

First I would start with planning on how many drinks you anticipate to be drinking that day. This will take being honest with yourself, but if you reflect on your goal then this should help you not binge or go overboard.

Next, reverse engineer your day. Say you plan to have 2 beers. From my guide you can see I recommend to remove 2 servings of carbohydrates throughout your day for every 1 beer. That would mean that If I eat my normal 4 meals per day, then I would have to eat 0 or a very very limited amount of carbohydrates today, and especially skip out on the bar chips or pretzels.

Keep in mind this does not mean that you can not have low carbohydrate foods like leafy green vegetables, which is why I switch my usual carb sources that I pair with my protein such as oats, rice, & potatoes (sorry fellow irishmen) to salad greens or fibrous veggies like zucchini & broccoli.

I highly recommend you still eat the same amount of meals as you normally would before you go out just make sure that you are making smart substitutes. Also SIP WATER ALL DAY. I can not stress the importance of keeping your body hydrated especially when alcohol is involved.

Ideally you would get the recommended 25-30 grams of protein. Aim for around 10-15 grams of fat to stabilize blood sugar levels and of course fibrous veggies as mentioned before with each meal before you go out.

Remember, as long as you evening out your drink for food choices, adding in beer, wine, or a cocktail here and there shouldn’t slow down your progress too much. Have fun, keep your goal in mind and make sure you are enjoying the drinks, because YOU want to and no one is pressuring you to drink more.

Have an amazing St. Patrick;'s Day. Stay hydrated, Stay Focused, Be Strong & Always Be inTENSIONAL.

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