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Image by Meghan Holmes

If you’re ready to START your fitness journey and FINALLY see the results in the mirror, let's make it happen TODAY!


Science agrees. Resistance Training isn’t just useful for bodybuilders or gym rats. Being stronger helps everybody, and here are some of the additional benefits that you can expect:






Imagine getting through your day with energy to spare, or doing everyday tasks with ease, while mitigating your risk of injury…Picture running around with your children or grandchildren without getting tired, or the compliments you’ll get when you wear your new outfit with confidence…

Making you stronger, more fit, and more durable so you can spend more time doing the things you love. This is what I am all about!

My name is Michael Petruzzella and I am a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach with a focus on helping individuals Train Smarter, Eat Healthier, & Move Better. 

My journey started similar to where your's might be out of shape, and desperate to make a change. I joined a gym and initially lost 70 Lbs, but I was not done. During this time I developed an itch to learn everything I could about how to properly build my own body to the image that I knew was capable. 

Through years of trial and error I have developed a system of habits both in the gym and in the kitchen that will benefit anyone who has a goal of changing their physique. I have used these methods to enjoy sustainable weight loss and continue to build muscle. I have begun to pass this success onto my own clients and the results speak for themselves. Check them out HERE.

Our system revolves around a balance of sustainable lifestyle and nutrition habits in combination of progressive resistance training using various training methodologies that make sure the workouts are never boring and still have your overall goal in mind.

If you have been searching for a long term solution to both improve your physique and eat healthier for the long term? Click the button below and let's get to work!

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