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Mike has transformed my mind, body, and overall energy when it comes to working out. I never enjoyed the gym, never saw progress, and never understood how to eat and work out so they benefited each other. Mike cracked the code for me! Our first goal was to do one correct push-up. In one month, I was doing 5 push-ups. In three months, I was squatting numbers I never thought possible. And in six months, my body fat decreased substantially. Not only do I feel better in my body, but the workouts are fun, tailored to me, and far from boring.

- Amanda D.

"Mike is very knowledgeable and has helped to tailor a program to meet my needs. With great advice and insight to push myself to meet those goals. Mike’s passion for fitness helps him keep you motivated and take your workouts to the next level."

- Mike C.

“I had the opportunity to train with Mike and he always provided a challenging but effective workout. He took into consideration my abilities and was able to build a workout around them. We discussed my goals in the beginning and were able to surpass them and set new PRs throughout the time I trained with him. Mike is with you throughout the workout providing direction, form correction, and modifications, if needed. It’s easy to trust him when he says you can do it or that he won’t let you get hurt when you try something that scares you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve trained before or not, he personalized the workouts to what you want to work, and you have fun doing it.”​

- Alaina S.

"Back in 2019, I was the heaviest I've ever been. I hated seeing myself, and I refused to take pictures. I tried every fad diet or fat loss supplement, starved myself, and eventually just gave up.

I knew for medical reasons as well as for my family, I needed to make my health a priority and quit the excuses. I started training with Mike 3 times a week and working on my nutrition. It took some tweaks here and there, but we finally found a healthy, lower cab plan that worked for me and feels sustainable. Today, I am at my first goal weight (ahead of schedule) In a size 14 comfortably and down to a L top. Clothes that did not fit me in, easily fit now and I've learned to not let the scale discourage my progress. I SEE and FEEL the results all the time.

As Mike always tells me, take one healthy action at a time and be consistent with it and overtime it will become a habit. That's what I have done and will continue to do. With his guidance and motivation I have been able to stay focused and on track, and I am so grateful!"
- Victoria B.

"Great trainer and nutritionist. My son started training with Mike in July 2020 and by Christmas he lost 50 lbs! Feels better, lowered his BP and he follows the nutrition guide faithfully. I also started training with Mike, and he ensures we are correctly training and is very encouraging!

I feel fantastic working with you!"

- Melissa O.

"I started training with Mike after a long time of struggling with weight and consistency. I finally felt that someone understood not only my struggles but also what worked for me. I have had personal training sessions in the past in several gyms. But, I have to say, with Mike it has been really different. His knowledge and training have helped me not just to lose weight and body fat but to understand what exercises really make an impact in my body.
Also, he is so knowledgeable about nutrition, that has really helped me track what I eat and make better decisions with my meals. I look forward to training with Mike every time. His workouts are fun, challenging and just so perfectly designed for each client. I have been able to see the change in my body as well as the accomplishments of other people that train with Mike. I am so blessed to have Mike as my trainer."
- Ana R.

“Mike is awesome! Maybe my life is just sad but I actually look forward to our work outs and don’t dread them like I used to. Most importantly, he is super vigilant in making sure your form is correct above anything. I’ve had so many trainers that have me bouncing around doing all of these workouts as quickly as possible with awful form which consistently led to injuries. He’s a true professional."

- Lauren C.

"I came to Mike with numerous issues, range of motion limitation of my shoulder, poor nutrition habits and lack of motivation. Mike took the time to increase my range and really got into what was keeping from progressing in my fitness journey. I highly recommend him for your health journey. He is knowledgeable and very attentive to each person's needs."
- Tom M.

"My wellness journey has always been a rough one due to surgeries I have had over the past few years on both my hips and shoulders. Pain had become a normal part of my daily life and as such I learned to live with it. 
That is when I decided to hire, Mike. I came to him with hopes to restart my strength & conditioning training with a focus on exercises that would strengthen my hips and shoulders. Little did I know that through his training I would find the strength to completely transform my body and consequently my mental health. Over these last 7 months that I have been training with Mike and following his program he has helped me reduce my hip pain to zero and gain mobility that I honestly thought would never be possible again.
His training program was well thought out and although I was not sure what the short-term objective was, there were moments when it all came together, and I was amazed by the results I was achieving.
One of the best qualities that Mike possesses is his ability to listen. He listens to what you need and want, and he adapts without deviating from the desired goal. His training program does not feel forced or a business transaction and I honestly feel that I am working out with a friend that truly wants to make me look and feel better. Everytime i hit a new personal record he genuinely felt happiness and that pushed me to go even further. 
Thanks to his program I went from 145 pounds to 170 pounds of solid muscle with no pain in my shoulders & hips which to me is life changing. His workouts are tough but fun. He holds me accountable and with his kind demeanor and extensive knowledge of training and nutrition he has ignited a love for working out and bodybuilding that I hope to continue for many years to come. I’m very happy to have Mike on my wellness journey and I hope to continue working out with him for a long long time."

- Santiago G.


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