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Choose You Habits Wisely

Your daily habits can either make or break you.

Let’s reminisce about a time where we know a ton of people try to change their habits. New Year's resolutions.Year after year, you have a goal in mind, and try to get prepared by spending money on a gym membership, new clothes, shoes and anything else you can think of to help you succeed. You do great for the first few weeks, and maybe even months but then all of a sudden you hit a wall.

This sudden stop in momentum eats at the motivation that you once had and your willpower slowly begins to fade away as you cave to your past temptations.

Why is this? Why do most New Year’s resolutions and attempts at weight loss fail? It’s not the money that you put out for all your new fancy stuff. No. It all comes down to the process you choose in replacing your old habits with new ones.

Think of it this way, In the case of a new year’s resolution. Instead of immediately starting to restrict ourselves nutritionally and perform two a day workouts every with some extra cardio for some safe measure. Like most of us do. It is much easier and more efficient to limit yourself to smaller fitness patterns.

Setting small goals such as hitting a daily calorie and protein target, or following a progressive workout plan that will help you avoid burning yourself makes staying on track much easier to track how well you are progressing in your goals.

Using realistic milestones for your fitness level and having the data to reinforce that you are still progressing, no matter how small, are sure to give you the strength you need to continue your journey.

Drink a gallon of water

Walk for 30 minutes

Eat 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables

Eat 2-4 servings of a healthy lean protein source

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do

These are all great examples of small, realistic habits or daily patterns that can be implemented into your lifestyle at any time. You may not see the impact of bringing these habits into your life overnight, but string them together day after day and I promise you will see some big time change.

You can use this method to change any unhealthy habit into a positive one.

First have it set in your heart that you want a change, then begin to recognize the patterns that are causing you to act out these bad patterns. Then substitute a positive behavior in place of the unhealthy ones. (Such as grabbing a piece of fruit, instead of a cookie for dessert).

Continue to make these small substitutions and overtime you will see that you are making the healthier choice without even thinking about it.

Remember change can happen at any moment. Stay positive, stay consistent, and keep striving towards your goals!

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