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inTENSION Wellness

Mindful Transformations

Michael Petruzzella

Cetified Professional Trainer | NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Learn to love working out while building muscle & burning fat.

If you’re ready to MOVE better, EAT healthier, LOOK like you  workout, and most of all FEEL better, then keep reading.

I came to Mike with numerous issues, range of motion limitation of my shoulder, poor nutrition habits and lack of motivation. Mike took the time to increase my range and really got into what was keeping from progressing in my fitness journey. I highly recommend him for your health journey. He is knowledgeable and very attentive to each person's needs.

- Tom M.

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Evidence & Result Based Plans for 

Motivated Individuals

Stop Spinning Your Wheels, Let’s Get To Work!

“I had the opportunity to train with Mike and he always provided a challenging but effective workout. He took into consideration my abilities and was able to build a workout around them. We discussed my goals in the beginning and were able to surpass them and set new PRs throughout the time I trained with him. Mike is with you throughout the workout providing direction, form correction, and modifications, if needed. It’s easy to trust him when he says you can do it or that he won’t let you get hurt when you try something that scares you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve trained before or not, he personalized the workouts to what you want to work, and you have fun doing it.”

- Alaina S.

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There’s no guess work needed on your part. Leave that up to me. I have seen it all through my experience working with a variety of stuck individuals such as yourself.

I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to push through your plateaus and help you finally achieve your fitness and wellness goal.

Customized Training Program

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Nutrition Guidance

Worried that you can’t eat your favorite foods? Don’t. My approach to nutrition won’t force you to eat chicken, rice, and broccoli (unless you want to). I will set you up with a flexible diet & macronutrient focused plan that will allow you to still be able to enjoy the foods you love when at home and even while dining out.

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Dedicated Support

When you hire a trainer in big box gyms, they ONLY keep you accountable when you see them in person. The real key to long term sustainable body transformation & lifestyle change comes from the understanding that YOU must take control of your health through consistency and habit change.

I offer 24/7 support via the messenger in my app or text. We will also schedule weekly Skype calls providing you with the accountability and support that will lead you to success.

Get Your Training & Nutrition Back On Track NOW!

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